The year 2019 was a successful year for the amusement industry in Pakistan as the industry saw a huge increase in the development of multiple amusement activities. Inamullah Abdullah, COO of A A Joyland (Pvt) Ltd says that the industry with Rs20 billion annual turnover employs hundreds of locals who can play a vital role in boosting GDP, employment and growth of our newly reinstated tourism industry resulting in a steadfast increase in number of tourists coming to the country.

“A A Joyland, one of the pioneers in revolutionizing the recreational industry in South-East Asia, is running recreational parks and clubs in different cities of Pakistan, including Aladin Park Karachi, Pavilion End Club Karachi, Super Space Karachi & Hyderabad and Joyland Park Lahore & Islamabad for over two and a half decades,” he added.

He said that the company has offered quality entertainment in affordable and convenient ways to people from all socioeconomic classes to relish. “We have entertained 7 million people in 2019 and we are the biggest employer in local amusement industry, providing direct and indirect employment to more than 4,000 people,” he maintained.

A A Joyland cherished 2019 under the mottos of “Care for Joy” and “Khushian Sb K Liye.” The company also planted 5,000 trees under “Go Green Pakistan” initiative. The company has also distributed 10,000 saplings to different organizations and general public for plantation. We encourage everyone devoted to the cause. Everyone can contact us if they need trees to plant as we will do anything we can as a responsible organization to preserve the environment, he added.

“Moreover, we invited more than 2,000 under-privileged children sheltered by different NGOs for a fun day at Aladin Park. They enjoyed recreational activities and fun-packed rides free of cost. Also, we celebrated Children’s Day at Super Space Karachi with more than 100 Dar-ul-Sukun’s physically challenged kids. We believe that every member of society deserves happiness regardless of cast and creed,” Inamullah said.

He said that the company is still on track to attract and facilitate millions of visitors in 2020, providing more employment opportunities and spread happiness across Pakistan.

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