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Combining cutting-edge technology with classic attractions, Super Space provides diverse rides and activities to cater to various interests.

  1. Get ready to embrace your wild side in our Smash Room! Don protective gear and unleash pent-up frustrations as you demolish a wide range of objects.
  2. Laser Tag offers an action-packed adventure in a specially designed arena. Armed with futuristic laser guns, participants strategically navigate through the space, engaging in thrilling battles with opponents.
  3. The Haunted House takes guests on a spine-chilling journey through a meticulously crafted world of frights. Utilizing special effects and expert storytelling, this haunted attraction immerses visitors in a thrilling and terrifying experience.
  4. The Laser Maze challenges visitors as they navigate through a maze of laser beams, aiming to avoid triggering sensors. Testing agility and problem-solving, this high-tech adventure adds excitement and competition.
  5. Bumper Cars provide a reinvented classic experience of thrilling collisions and high-speed chases. With advanced safety features, these electric-powered vehicles ensure a safe and fun ride for everyone.
  6. The Arcade Games section offers classic and contemporary options, from gaming machines to virtual reality. Visitors can compete with friends and aim for high scores.


Peek-a-bear is a vibrant soft play area that caters to children aged 1-10 years. Get ready to enter a world of interactive games, skill-building activities, and endless excitement. Our play area is thoughtfully designed to provide children with a safe and engaging environment to play and explore. With a variety of traditional play equipment, from colorful slides to ball pits, kids can unleash their energy and let their imaginations run wild.

  1. We believe in combining entertainment with education, which is why we offer a range of educational activities that will spark curiosity and inspire learning. Join our storytelling sessions and embark on enchanting journeys through captivating tales.
  2. Every play area is based on a new theme ensuring each visit brings a fresh and captivating experience. Our themes include underwater, space, medieval castle, jungle and many more helping your child’s imagination and creating lasting memories
  3. Make memories that last a lifetime at our dedicated party area! From birthdays to special events, we take care of the details while you create unforgettable moments with your little ones and their friends. With vibrant decorations, exciting games, and delicious treats, every celebration becomes a cherished memory.


Get ready for an exhilarating adventure at Bounce, the premier indoor trampoline park designed to ignite your sense of excitement! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Bounce offers an unforgettable playground where you can unleash your energy, test your limits, and create lifelong memories.

  1. Dive into our foam pit and experience the sensation of falling into a soft sea of foam cubes.
  2. Showcase your hoop skills on our dedicated trampoline basketball court. Defy gravity as you soar through the air and score incredible dunks. It’s a unique and exciting twist on the classic game that will have you feeling like a basketball superstar.
  3. Test your agility and conquer exciting challenges on our ninja obstacle course. Navigate through a series of thrilling obstacles, including balance beams, rope swings, and climbing walls. Push yourself to new limits as you showcase your strength, coordination, and determination.
  4. Engage in energetic dodgeball matches with friends, showcasing your agility and strategic prowess. We also have dedicated areas for our younger visitors, ensuring a safe and enjoyable bouncing experience tailored just for them.


With its comprehensive range of thrilling facilities, Aladin Amusement Park is the ultimate destination for individuals of all ages seeking an unforgettable experience. From heart-pounding roller coasters to gravity-defying drop towers, these adrenaline-pumping attractions will leave you breathless and craving for more. Brace yourself for twists, turns, and loops that will test your courage and ignite your sense of adventure.

  1. Family Rides offer the perfect opportunity to bond and enjoy shared moments of joy. Hop aboard our classic carousels, gentle Ferris wheels, and exciting bumper cars.
  2. Little ones are in for a treat with our specially designed kids’ rides. From whimsical carousels to gentle kiddie coasters, these attractions provide a safe and enchanting environment for young adventurers to explore.
  3. Take a moment to relax and soak in the breathtaking views with our modern chairlift. Glide through the air and enjoy a scenic journey, taking in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.


Giggle Town, the ultimate destination for edutainment and adventure, is a vibrant playscape that sparks the imagination and nurtures the minds of children. Get ready to embark on a journey of interactive and educational activities where kids can explore a world of endless possibilities.

  1. At Giggle Town, we believe in the power of play to foster education and entertainment. Our playscape offers a wide range of immersive experiences, allowing children to roleplay as different professions and learn about the dealings of the real world by stepping into the shoes of police officers, firemen, doctors, farmers, scientists, detectives, musicians, chefs, and many more.
  2. Our dynamic activities promote motor skill development and educational growth, fostering a stimulating environment. From solving mysteries to arts and crafts, firefighting, grocery shopping, and even space walks, their development flourishes through fun and educational experiences.
  3. Step into our vibrant birthday party hall at Giggle Town! It’s the perfect place to celebrate your child’s special day. With exciting puppet shows, captivating face paintings, and an opportunity for your child to be the star of the show, their birthday celebration will be truly memorable.


Step into Kids HQ, Dubai’s ultimate indoor play destination, where both children and the young at heart find pure delight! Brace yourself for an extraordinary adventure filled with captivating activities that will leave a lasting impression. Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. Explore our incredible three-floor soft play area, complete with thrilling slides, a ball pit, trampolines, a dedicated toddler zone, and a sensory pit.
  2. We go beyond entertainment by providing educational and learning experiences for your little ones. Watch their minds blossom as they have fun and learn simultaneously.
  3. Celebrate your child’s special day in our dedicated party rooms. Choose from a variety of enchanting themes like princesses, superheroes, cartoons, and more. We’ll make their birthday extra magical!


Experience Joyland, an action-packed universe of thrills and excitement. Immerse yourself in a stunning environment where safety and cleanliness converge, all at pocket-friendly rates. Delighting visitors of all ages and backgrounds, Joyland guarantees an unforgettable adventure for everyone.


Experience our state-of-the-art sports club, where everyday sporting activities come alive in a world of excitement and leisure. Escape the daily grind and embrace a vibrant, active lifestyle for the whole family. Join us and discover a place where the fun never stops.

  1. Roll the perfect strike on our cutting-edge bowling lanes!
  2. Immerse yourself in captivating gaming sessions filled with exhilarating adventures and competitive challenges.
  3. Feel the burn as you push your limits at our modern and fully equipped gym, sculpting your body and boosting your fitness levels.

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Embark on a journey into the captivating world of performing arts with Joytainment. Our extraordinary service brings the magic of live entertainment to you, where passion meets talent and creativity knows no bounds. Experience enchantment and artistic brilliance like never before, and let Joytainment ignite your imagination.

  1. For talented artists looking to refine their skills and showcase their talent, Joytainment offers top-notch coaching and guidance. Our experienced instructors are passionate about nurturing talent and providing personalized training to help artists reach their full potential.
  2. Joytainment isn’t just for individual artists; we also cater to companies and organizations in need of exceptional entertainment services. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, a grand celebration, or a special occasion, our team of professional entertainers will dazzle your audience with their polished performances.


At Pavilion End Club, excitement knows no bounds and a world of fun awaits you. As a member, you’ll have access to over 50 attractions, ranging from indoor and outdoor activities to thrilling water-based facilities.

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