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Best Amusement Parks in Karachi The City of Lights


Are you in a situation where you have promised your mini-version of taking him/her to an amusement park which will be a total thrill? Well, in your weak moment, you did make a promise but had no idea where to go. Without any doubt, amusement parks in karachi is the largest city with numerous parks and picnic spots but due to a lack of literacy perhaps and some factors not all places can be considered as family picnic spots.

In today’s time, it is quite difficult to find a suitable family parks in Karachi where you do not have to worry about your kids getting lost in the massive crowds or female members of your family not getting verbally or physically harassed in one way or another.

Out of grave concern and thorough research on the amusement parks in Karachi, we have AAJoyland a go-to place for you and your family or friends.

Why AAJoyland Best Amusement Parks in Karachi?

You must be wondering what is so special about AAJoyland. AAJoyland started their career in the amusement industry in 1980 in Lahore. In their management, 500 employees are dealt under the umbrella of a CEO and COO.

There are indoor and outdoor activities that give an amazing thrilling experience to its visitors. Along with games and rides, the stalls of ice-creams and cotton candies create memories to cherish forever.

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At AAJoyland You Will Find

Built on a larger space area there are numerous rides that your children can easily enjoy. Physical activities are crucial for young adolescents. AAJoyland has safe rides that parents can trust and let their children have fun to the peak of their shouts.

Here you will find green parks where mothers bring homemade sandwiches to enjoy some leisure time with their family members. It is indeed a delight to watch a person of all ages having a good time together. Since this is strictly a family park you will not find unnecessary crowds troubling the visitor. The security guards are always patrolling on their car and foot making sure the environment stays peaceful.

Activities In AAJoyland

Other than playing grounds and exciting fun rides, there are spaces where you can celebrate your special days as well. One has to discuss with the friendly management of the Joyland and can easily set tables to celebrate birthdays or any other special occasion. What can be more amazing than to have your child’s friends invited with their families?

More Attractions Of The Park

An Indoor Theme Park

At Joyland, there is an amazing indoor theme park. This theme park is different from other parks that you come across in the city. The specialty of this park is it has activities for children as small as 2.5 years of age and adults in their early 20s.

There are small castles and ball pits for children to enjoy jumping and battlefields specially constructed for youngsters to have. For music lovers, there is a karaoke room where one can dive into the world of their own tunes. If you are into action games, then there is a “Walk through the Maze” that will remind you of thrilling Hollywood movies like Mockingbird or The Maze.

My favorite has always been bumpy cars. Are yours too? They are so much fun, literally. Do not forget to enter the Smash room where boys and girls smash whatever is in the room without hurting themselves.
Arcade games are in variety in the Indoor theme park. If you think you have the guts to take your adventurous nature to the next level, then do try AAJoyland’s 7-dimension XD ride.

An Indoor Soft Structure Play Area

For children underage, there are spacious rooms with soft balls and walls. There is a trampoline area where your child can jump the whole day and utilize all the energy that he or she has. If your child is into gymnastics do check the wall climbing. The soft walls are placed with foot supports to let each child climb with ease. There are soft beds placed in case of falling when getting on the soft carpet or beds without getting any part of the body fractured. Mothers are so relaxed in their indoor soft structure play knowing their child can enter the world of fun without hurting any part of their body.

Remember the 90s show of Nickelodeon The Hidden Temple? It was everyone’s favorite! Well, if you have passed that interest in your child or find the spark in your sibling then there is good news for you. At AAJoyland indoor amusement parks in karachi soft structure there are also Blower Walls. There are towering structures in vertical and horizontal shapes and the participant is expected to find the hidden treasure.

An Indoor Trampoline Park

In the indoor trampoline park, one gets to enjoy basketball, trampoline foam kits, and hangings around the walls. Not to forget these activities are not for toddlers but rather for children above 10 years.

One grip at a time wall hanging is a fun-filled activity that you will find in the indoor trampoline park.

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Aladin Amusement Park

Aladin Amusement Park was a total hit when it was opened for the first time. The Ferris wheel and water slides were the talk of the town but unfortunately due to some reasons, amusement parks in karachi park has been permanently closed.

Sport Club

At the sports club, young men go bowling alley. You can go bowling with your friends. There is also a fully equipped gym to keep your body fit and in shape. Gaming zones and snooker tables are arranged for elders so that no one would feel left out in any case.

Gaming Zone has PCS with the latest games and their controllers installed where boys usually spend a good amount of their free hours in challenging levels.

The excellent quality snooker tables make the game so much stronger and fun. No wonder one finds it hard to keep track of time at this place.


This is the latest of their indoor openings. There is a café to freshen up yourselves. The best part is their Ninja Soft play. At Ninja Soft Play, again the studio gives a view of Hidden Temple. There is a spider web that you must save yourself and jump through the bouncy bridge to get to the other side, if you fall you lose!


This was a short briefing about what is AAJoyland. The current blog has not fully done justice to how amazing that place is. Here one can say “Seeing is believing” so until and unless one does not visit on his own you will never know.

AAJoyland is different in so many aspects. Economically and management wise you will not be disappointed that is for sure.