The Leading Recreation Company of South Asia

AA Joyland Pvt Ltd is the largest amusement company in South Asia, with a portfolio of diverse amusement brands and products. Its innovative and high-quality amusement offerings have earned it a reputation for excellence in the region. AA Joyland also owns a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sharjah, UAE, enabling in-house design and production. The company is committed to delivering unforgettable experiences to its customers across its multiple amusement brands.


The Game Changer in the Amusement Industry

AA Joyland Pvt Ltd is a game changer in the amusement industry, revolutionizing the way people experience fun and entertainment. With a proven track record of excellence, AA Joyland Pvt Ltd has become a trustworthy name among the most famous brands of children and adults 20+ amusement and theme park brands like Aladin Amusement park, Pavilion End Club, Joyland Park, Sports Pavilion, Bounce and Peekabear Soft Play Area.

Our standards of manufacturing, installation, technology and customer support are aligned with the highest international benchmarks, ensuring that every project we build or undertake is of the highest quality. 

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Super Space

Super Space



Sports Pavilion

Sports Pavilion



Customer Reviews

“I had a blast at the Super Space! The family rides were absolutely exhilarating, and there were plenty of other games and attractions to keep me entertained all day. The only downside was that some of the lines were quite long, but overall, it was a great experience.”

- Mr Amir, Hyderabad

“Truly the most amazing experience we found at Aladin Park with the swings, rides, activities and most amazing haunted house. we bet one can never get bored being at Aladin Amusement Park.”

- Mr & Mrs Ali, Karachi

“We recently had an incredible experience with AA Joyland in designing and developing our play area. The team’s commitment to excellence was outstanding, and they consistently went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of the project was completed on time and to our satisfaction.”

- Mr. Omar, UAE

“We recently celebrated our son’s birthday at a play area and had an absolutely amazing experience. The Peekabear play area was absolutely fantastic, with a wide variety of activities and attractions that kept our son and his friends entertained for hours.”

- Ms. Nida, Faisalabad

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