how to Celebrate birthday party

Unique Ideas To Celebrate Birthday at AAJoyland Amusement Park


Karachi has different spots to how to Celebrate birthday party picnics or any other special event such as wedding anniversaries, promotion parties, and even birthday parties. Mind you, not all places are worth the hype and money. After thorough research and reviews, AAJoyland is one of the favorite spots to celebrate birthday parties.

Usually, larger and privately owned theme parks are expensive. At AAJoyland the scenario is different. How can you plan a birthday party?

Let’s begin with:

Birthday Party Invitations

Make a list of guests you would be interested in inviting. After shortlisting and making confirmation calls, get funky invitation cards that look like park ride tickets. Some applications can help in designing beautiful cards for you. Remember if you cannot find one do not worry yourself much and send a simple text message to your social circle.

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Party Decorations

Party decors are hectic and mostly expensive. We usually find our hosts scratching their heads later on why so and so went out of the budget. This is because little things take up the most space in your preparations. The stationary shops at times pick the chance to it unnecessary weight on your wallet.

One interesting part about how to Celebrate birthday party at AAJoyland is you do not have to work much on the décor. Their event management team has indoor theme studios has different varieties to offer. For example, Giggle Town has a variety of professions for children. If your little one is into becoming a doctor, there is a cardboard-made ambulance, if he is into boxing then you can find a suitable safe boxing ring with a punching bag and good quality gloves to offer.

Another idea is to bring some extra balloons for children and a birthday banner for guests to sign. This banner can be made out of some exciting fun rides that the park has for its visitors. You can also get a customized streamer decorated.

how to Celebrate birthday party Games and Activities at AAJoyland

At AAJoyland there is an indoor soft structure play area for children of all ages. There are a variety of motion rides and physical activities that children, especially boys enjoy a lot.

  • Soft Play Area

  • Trampoline

  • Wall Climbing

  • Blower Walls

The Foam Pit-Soft Play Area

For children aged 2.5 years and above, one may find soft bricks in the foam pit area. The jumping bed allows your child to do some bouncing and have fun among foam bricks. The bricks are attractive in colors thus grabbing all the necessary attraction of your child. Children of ages 4 to 6 can also play in this area. You can invite their Montessori friends and cousins to join. This will allow mothers too to get some me-time and enjoy chit-chat with fellow mothers.

The staff of AAJoyland is always on the go making sure no mishap happens. But it is always wise to be around children of such a small age. After all, celebrations at parks and homes have their pros and cons.

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The Trampoline Park

Children have exciting physical strength. This is why they are encouraged in more and more physical activities and outdoor games. In today’s time with the increase in mobile phones and other forms of screen time, we do not see many children enjoying themselves at the corners of streets. Amusement parks are a great source for children to explore their capabilities and get the adrenaline rush to settle completely before bed.

What can be more amazing than to let your child enter into the trampoline and let them jump for hours and hours till they say” Let’s go home” which we highly doubt they will say!

The trampoline park or area at Peek A Bear how to Celebrate birthday party in AAJoyland is a land of fun. They have a super-quality trampoline placed indoors where children can enjoy high jumps without hurting themselves.

Just a pro tip make sure not to start these activities right after food as there is a high chance of occurring vomits or stomach sickness.

Let’s Climb The Wall

how to Celebrate birthday party at Peek A Bear has amazing indoor soft play areas as we have mentioned earlier. There is a wall climbing corner where these little “Spiderman” can climb and reach the top. Who knows we have the next Mount Everest climber among us.

It is up to parents to let the child be brave. Let them enjoy their childhood. The wall is built at a safe height. Down below there are soft cushions to make sure you do not fall on the hard surface directly.


Blower Walls

There is also an inflatable towering structure built in vertical and horizontal form to let children climb and enjoy the slides.

You can plan an activity of pretend and play there. There can be a little gameplay of pretending soldiers and enjoying some war-field imaginary game plays. Clearing all the obstacles that are coming in the way, Making sure to rescue the friend.

Party Refreshments

After the cake ceremony and a lot of games, it is time for some party refreshments. Upon request, you can get a table where some juices and light snacks can be enjoyed with family and friends. The park itself has eateries at affordable rates.

Party Favors

Lastly, send your guests with little goody bags. You can add a cartoon-themed pencil, rubber, a small chocolate or even a thank you card. Thus, a good wrap-up to an amazing birthday party.


While planning a birthday party at AAJoyland you can add some DIY activities. The staff there also has a dedicated team that performs at functions wearing costumes of a magician etc. The whole event depends on how rightly and most importantly timely you communicate your demand with AAJoyland.

It is one of the suitable places that has literally everything to keep your guests entertained and in full awe. Each service is pretty reasonable. Allowing you to enjoy your child’s special day without any problem.