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An indoor soft structure play area

A wild but welcoming land


Explore the City of SoftPlay

A wonderland for kids to explore the hidden adventurer in them. A wonderland that provides complete freedom to play through tunnels, slides, climbing structures, and lots of foamy balls.
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Reach the sky with Trampoline

Trampoline is like a magic carpet, that takes you high in the air. With each jump, the energy and excitement increases, to go higher and higher. Trampoline area at PeekABear is paradise for kids!

Indulge in Adventurous Wall Climbing

It is an exhilarating journey to allow kids to hone their abilities. A testament of courage and determination in the young blood, as they learn to stay focused and committed to reaching heights.        Foam

Peak a bEar

Find the Treasure in Blower Walls

A mesmerizing series of inflatable towering structures of vertical and horizontal climbs, obstacles, and slides. Our blower wall structures are a city themselves, where the entrants can never be lost, yet have all the fun!
Celebrate the Little Joys of Life

Creating memories, weaving moments

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