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A World of Physical & Mental Fitness

bowling alley

Bowling Alley

A friendship bond is the strongest at the bowling alley. You look at the scoreboard and find yourself to be the leader. Every time you pick up the bowling ball, the lounge echoes with hooligans of support and cheers!
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Fully Equipped Gym

Get fit in our state-of-the-art fitness gym as it strengthens your mind and body. Each drop of sweat compensates for the gain in the muscles, and a fitter version of you!
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Indoor Games

Spiriting and engaging indoor games improve your cognitive skills to sharpen the strategic thinker in you. Our broad collection of entertaining indoor games is a getaway from hustle and bustle and a mind sharpener for those who strive!                                    cognitive

Sports Pavilion

Gaming Zones

Indulge yourself in modern competitive battles with your friends as dedicated gaming zones provide you with an experience that will make you step into the world of immersive and interactive experiences. Unleash your competitive spirit and show who reigns as the leader!
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