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AA Joyland (Pvt) Ltd. stands tall as a pioneer in the realm of recreational entertainment, having laid a remarkable foundation in the amusement industry. Its unwavering dedication and expansion have set an inspiring example throughout Pakistan. With its innovative entities, AA Joyland (Pvt) Ltd. has breathed new life into the amusement and recreational scene in the country.


The journey began in 1980 when AA Joyland (Pvt) Ltd. was established. Just a year later, in 1981, they unveiled their first groundbreaking project: Joyland Amusement Park in Lahore. Since then, Joyland has consistently delivered decades of top-notch amusement, staying true to their promise of providing relentless fun.


With an unwavering commitment to quality, AA Joyland (Pvt) Ltd. has continuously analyzed the evolving needs of the industry and successfully adapted to the modern requirements of each era. Their ability to understand and cater to varying industry demands has propelled their growth and cemented their reputation as an industry leader.


AA Joyland (Pvt) Ltd. continues to shape the landscape of entertainment and amusement in Pakistan, pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations. Their innovative approach and commitment to excellence have made them a driving force in the industry, bringing joy and unforgettable experiences to countless visitors.

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Our Founders

Meet the visionary leaders behind AA Joyland Pvt Ltd who are revolutionizing fun and entertainment. Through their creative genius and boundless innovation, they transport visitors to a world of pure joy and wonder. With each endeavor, they raise the bar higher, transforming the landscape of fun and setting new standards of excellence. 

Mr. Ibrahim Shamsi

Introducing Mr. Ibrahim Shamsi, an accomplished MBA graduate from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). Having vast experience he serves as the MD of A.A Joyland (Pvt.) Ltd. in Karachi and Joyland Lahore. Mr. Shamsi embarked on his journey with Siddiqsons in 1997, bringing his expertise and leadership to the forefront of the company’s operations. His extensive knowledge and strategic vision have played a pivotal role in shaping the success and growth of AA Joyland, making it a premier destination for unforgettable entertainment experiences.


inamullah abdullah

Mr. Inamullah Abdullah

Mr. Inamullah is the accomplished COO of A.A Joyland (Pvt) Ltd. With a bachelor’s degree from London Metropolitan University, UK, Mr. Inamullah has been instrumental in the successful operation and expansion of various business units under A.A Joyland. Through his leadership, these ventures have flourished and grown.


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